ISMo Paperless Reporting System

ISMo is a tried and tested Paperless Reporting System that satisfies all IMO requirements for ISM reporting. Operations, emergency situations, permits to work, tasks, crew lists, documents, alerts, everything is created on the device with easy to use checklists. Utilising the amazing versatility of the iOS device, each report is time, date and geotag stamped. Online, everything is seamlessly shared between the registered users; tasks and non-conformities are acted upon, crew lists are circulated, alerts are received. Think of it as a piece of paper that everyone can write on at the same time. All of your data is automatically backed up in our secure cloud storage cloud and if you still need paper, our reports look great when printed.  
With our assistance you create your own system, tailored to your individual requirements, that is flexible and can grow with you. ISMo gives you an accurate overview of internal and remote operations, increased accountability, optimized work flow and streamlined solutions.  
You will be pleasantly surprised at the savings of time, effort and money in your safety management administration. And most importantly, a significant improvement in safety on board your vessel.